tåmåtån = automaton definition, a mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own motive power; robot. 

tåmåtån = a celebration of old, beloved gear.

tåmåtån = a graphically pleasing, sound of a monotonous beat.

tåmåtån = a celebration of nordic languages and so my heritage.

tåmåtån is a synth label founded by Swedish Ella Moe. She was one of two behind the record label FlexiWave and synth duo Colouroïd.

The focus of åtåmåtån is to release limited vinyl editions made with love and a strong visual focus in tribute to the 80’s DIY scene. Hand folded, golden, risograph printed, numbered sleeve art and hand stamped or lettered labels.

As FlexiWave and Colouroïd Ella Moe has DJ:d, played live and run club nights in various settings in Berlin, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Prague, Brussels, Antwerpen, Reykjavík, Växjö and at Kernkrach Festival, Kalabalik Festival, Norberg Festival and Camp Cosmic Festival.

Bookings and contact: atamatanlabel@gmail.com